This week's Upper Body workout we start with back exercises then chest, shoulders, triceps & biceps.  There are some partner exercises using resistance bands, but these can easily be performed alone by wrapping the band around a pole.

Perform each exercise for 1 minute then take a 30 second break. Training should last approximately 20 minutes then end with a 10 minute cardio finisher for a great workout in 30 minutes!

DB Pullover on Ball                           1 heavy DB, perform pullover slow & steady

Partner Band Flat Back Lat Pull         Flat back/palms down, pull handles high past ears

Partner Band Flat Back Inner Row    Flat back/palms facing, pull handles inside knees (close to body)

DB Deadlifts (DBs to sides)               Hold heavy DB’s to sides of legs performing deadlift

DB Wide Push-Ups                            45” wide push-ups for chest (on DB’s optional)

DB Incline Chest Fly on Ball             Incline position bringing butt down; perform chest fly

DB Incline Chest Press on Ball          Incline position bringing butt down; perform chest press

DB Shoulder Press w/Rotation           Standing, press DB’s up, lower down, rotate elbows back to squeeze then bring back to front, repeat

DB Lateral Raise Standing                 Medium DB’s perform side lateral raises slowly

Band Upright Row                              Standing on band (1 foot easier) perform upright row handles by hips

DB Triceps Kickbacks                        Standing, bent over, medium DB’s keeping elbows up to do kickbacks

DB Lying Triceps Extensions             Lying on ball, hold DB’s like hammer curl, lowering towards back of head

DB Drag Curl Standing                      Standing, drag curl keeping elbows back & DB’s tight to body

Standing Curls w/Bands                     Partner back up w/bands; standing palms up arms out, curl up to ears


Cardio 10' total 4 2’ blocks of 30-30-30-30/Repeat each exercise twice each block/30” rest between

Block 1

  1. 4 Seal Jacks + 8 Skater Suicides 4 Seal jacks then 8 skater suicides reaching down for opposite foot
  2. Grass Hopper Burpees             Burpee, on bottom bring opposite knee to each elbow quickly

Block 2

  1. Ladder Jump Rope             Alternate feet, adding an extra hop to each foot each round
  2. 4 Hook Punches w/180 Twist Alternate 4 hook punches then twist 180°, repeat

Block 3

  1. 4 Switch Kicks to 4 Side Kicks 4 quick switch kicks to 4 alternating side kicks
  2. Kick-Through Burpee             Burpee performing 2 kick-throughs at bottom

Block 4

  1. Push-Up, Tap, Fly Do 2 push-ups then 2 alt shoulder taps from plank, then 2 Superman flies
  2. Vertical Toe Touch Lay on back, legs straight up, crunch finger tips to toes