Strength Training Upper Body Alternate Back/Chest  20’ total//1’ each unless noted
DB Alt Bent Over Row                      Standing w/palms out, alternating rows staying in contracted position
DB Chest Fly on Ball                          Flat back, chest fly at same time
DB 1 Arm Plank Row                         45” per side; Hold yourself in plank w/1 arm & do row DB to hip w/opposite arm; do 1 side at a time with no break between
DB Alt Chest Press on Ball                Flat back, alternate DB chest presses keeping weights up
DB Straight Arm Pullover                  Holding one heavy DB; perform pullover on ball
DB Incline Chest Press on Ball          Incline on ball, chest press at same time
DB Arnold Press on Ball                    Seated on ball, start w/palms facing body, shoulder press up & rotate
DB Alt Upright Row                          Standing; holding both DB’s up, alternate upright rows, lower slowly
DB Iso-tension Front Raise                45”; Standing, alternate front raise for shoulders passing in middle
DB Lying Triceps Extension              Lying flat on ball holding 2 DB’s, extend DB’s to ears & rotate ¼ turn
into pronated position as extend up then go right into next exercise
DB Close Grip Press on Ball              DB’s together at ends, perform close grip press lowering just below chest
DB Alt Bicep Curl on Ball                 Seated, holding both DB’s up, alternate curls w/palms facing out
DB Hammer Crush Curl                     Standing, holding both DB’s pushed together, perform hammer curl
Cardio 8'/40/20 Hi-Lo Intensity (Boxer Shuffle or Jog during low)
High Knee Jump Rope                                               
180 Jump Twists                                            
Drop Squat/Split Squat Complex       Drop squat touching floor then pop up, then into split lunge, then other
Side Shuffles & reach down opposite foot                
Repeater Knee & Tuck Combo          5 repeater knees on one side then other side then 5 knee tucks                    
Squat Jumps                                                               
Skater Suicides                                                          
Side Shuffles + 4 Switch Kicks          3 side shuffles then do 4 switch kicks, repeat