This leg workout will challenge your lower body starting with your strength exercises through the Tabata cardio finisher!

Strength Workout                  20' total

Quad focus                             Heavy DB’s or Bars                12-15 reps of each for 2 rounds
Shoulder width squat               DB’s to sides or bar across back
Wide squat                               Feet wide beyond shoulders; DB’s on top of shoulders or bar across back
Skier squat                               Feet closer together but not touching; DB’s or bar under chin
Smile Squats                           Hold DB’s to sides, slightly less than shoulder width stance, shift weight at bottom and come up on each side

Hamstring focus                    Medium DB’s                          12 reps per side for 2 rounds  
DB Static Lunge – L                 Holding DB’s to sides, focus on lowering back knee to floor & squeeze coming up

DB Static Lunge – R                Repeat for other side

DB Single Leg Deadlift – L      “RDL” Holding DB’s to sides; lift back leg up keeping straight; keep back flat               

DB Single Leg Deadlift – R      Repeat for other side   

                                                No weight on mat                    30-45” per side for 1 round

Lying Glute Extension – L       In plank or on all 4’s, extending left leg up & squeezing glutes

Lying Glute Extension – R        Repeat for other side

Lying Single Leg Hip Lift – L    On back, 1 leg up in air, lift hip off mat & thrust other let up, lower slowly, switch

Lying Single Leg Hip Lift – R   Repeat for other side


Cardio 12’ total Tabata 20/10

Round 1                       Mixed 2/2/2/2              Do each exercise for 2 rounds before moving on to next

Pulse Squat Jumps        Perform 2 pulse squats holding arms in front of chest then jump on 3rd pushing arms down

180 Squat Jumps          Wide stance, squat down to touch ground w/1hand in middle then explode & twist, alternate hand touching ground

Squat Jump w/heel tap  Sumo stance, squat jump tapping heels together in air

Squat with alternating leg sweep (like a cross kick, across body like soccer kick)


Round 2                       Mixed 4/4                    Do 4 round of exercise then switch

8 High Knee Run + 3 lateral hurdles + 8 High Knee Run, back other way
8 2 feet Jump Rope + 8 traveling sideways alternating feet + 8 2 feet Jump Rope


Round 3                       Mixed 1/1/2 repeat       Do 1 round for 1 side then 1 round for other than 2 rounds, repeat
Lateral to Curtsy Lunge - R       Perform right side lunge then go into curtsy lunge with same right leg

Lateral to Curtsy Lunge – L      Same for left leg

Bullet Lunges                           Start in skier squat stance, jump legs out into stationary lunge, then come back to stance,

repeat with legs in opposite directions