This workout will challenge your core & conditioning! Alternate rounds between a cardio exercise & core exercise doing each round for 45" followed by 15" of rest. Do 15 rounds then take 1' break.  Repeat for 2-3 rotations depending on your conditioning and schedule! Don't forget to warm your body up prior and stretch after!  You need a light set of dumbbells for this workout.

1.  8 High Knees + 3 Lateral Hops     Do 8 high knee run then 3 1-Legged lateral hops, repeat going back 

2.  Hip Dip to Reach Under - R            Side plank on right forearm, dip right hip to floor, come up, then reach left arm under body, repeat 

3.  4 x 4 Jacks                                        4 Jacks, 4 High Knees rotating ¼ circle

4.  Hip Dip to Reach Under - L           Side plank on left forearm, dip left hip to floor, come up, then reach right arm under body, repeat

5.  F2B Prisoner Squats                    Stay in low prisoner squat stance w/arms behind head & travel front to back;modify keeping both hands on ground; alternate each side, hold for 1”

6.  DB Lunge Twist – R                     Hold DB on each end w/both hands, lunge forward w/right leg & twist torso to the right side keeping arms fully extending in front, repeat

7.  3 Squat Thrusts + 3” hold           Plank position jump knees into chest 3 times then hold plank for count of 3

8.  DB Lunge Twist – L                     Same as Round 5 but now lunging forward w/left leg & twisting to left

9.  Heel Kick Jump Rope

10.  Bridge                                         Start seated w/legs straight out in front, toes pointed to ceiling, chin to chest, hands are on mat by side of body, palms down fingers pointing towards toes, lift hips up forming table top (modify would be doing hip lift)

11.  4 Skiers Squats to 4 Skaters      Hold 1 medium DB under chin, 4 skier squats to 4 alternating skaters

12.  Squat Hold w/Side DB Drops      Hold squat, DB's each side drop down and up

13.  Flash Runs                                   Run 3 steps forward, pivot to touch ground, repeat 3 times & stay down on 3rd to do 8 MC’s

14.  Bear Crunch                                Start in table top position (on toes & hands, knees slightly off ground); Rotate your torso to drive opposite elbow to knee coming up on one hand

15.  DB Skater Suicides                    DB Pick Up, Pick Up, Put Down, Put Down