This fun workout will challenge your core & conditioning! You will be using a medicine ball & grab a partner to join you!

Alternate rounds between a solo core exercise & a partner cardio exercise doing each round for 45" followed by 15" of rest. Do 15 rounds then take 1' break.  Repeat for 2 rotations for a 30' burn!

Don't forget to warm your body up prior and stretch after! 

Medicine Ball Roll Ups Holding ball behind head, laying on back with legs flat face up, roll up into seated position pushing ball towards toes; legs are flat on ground straight out

Medicine Ball Chest Pass Chest passes stepping forward into pass

Medicine Ball Rotational Twists Same as #1, except as you sit up holding ball straight out, twist to one side
then come back down, repeat twisting to other side

Medicine Ball Bounce Pass Bounce passes to each other bringing ball high overhead

Medicine Ball Elbow Dips Seated, try to elevate feet, keep elbows tight to body dipping side to side, look straight ahead

Medicine Ball Overhead Toss Arching overhead light toss to each other

Medicine Ball Elbow Bounce                 Similar to Elbow Dip, but bouncing ball on each side, turn & look to each side

Medicine Ball 1 Foot Pass Balance on 1 foot & do chest pass, switch feet halfway through round

Medicine Ball Leg Lifts                 Clench medicine ball with feet; elevate shoulders off mat w/arms up, hands praying, elevate feet all the way up like a leg lift

Medicine Ball Partner Jump Squats One person does jump squat pushing ball into air while other chops feet, once other partner catches ball it’s their turn to do jump squat

Medicine Ball Toe Touch Lying on back with feet straight up in air, roll ball up pushing towards toes, slowly lower

Medicine Ball Bounce Pass & Catch One partner does high bounce pass as the other runs forward to catch it & then
backpedals to do the same for other partner

Medicine Ball Reverse Crunch Lying on back, resting ball on feet, perform reverse crunch bringing knees into chest & grabbing the ball with hands, extend behind head, then bring back up onto feet

Medicine Ball Partner Skaters w/toss Partners face each other doing Skaters & tossing the ball from one hip to opposite; will keep working the same side for 30” before switching to other side

Medicine Ball Seated Hold Similar to boat hold but holding medicine all above knees with feet elevated