This workout will challenge your core & conditioning! Alternate rounds between a cardio exercise & core exercise doing each round for 45" followed by 15" of rest. Do 15 rounds then take 1' break.  Repeat for 2-3 rotations depending on your conditioning and schedule! Don't forget to warm your body up prior and stretch after!  You need a light set of dumbbells for this workout.

Hollow Hold Stars             Lying on back, push lower back in ground, arms & legs up like a star, open & close arms & legs at same time

Core Squat Jacks Bring arms up over head while squatting down, then jack up

Plank Hip Dips Plank on forearms, feet together, twisting hips back & forth almost touching hips on ground; try to keep back straight & flat

T-Push-ups Push-up & rotate to side plank, repeat alternating sides

Leg Raise to Hip Thrust Perform a leg raise keeping legs straight & body flat, come down from leg raise then go into the hip thrust bringing the legs up, hips off ground & pushing feet into air

Tri-Hop Jump Rope Alternating jump rope doing a double 1-legged hop every 3rd 

Reverse Crunch             On back, bring knees all the way into chest & squeeze then bring feet back out, try to keep feet off ground the whole time

Curtsy Hop – R Curtsy lunge w/Right leg going behind into a right knee skip

Buzzsaw Plank             Plank on forearms, moving body back & forth like a saw

Curtsy Hop – L Same as Round 8 but using Left leg

Sit-up Twists On back, hands on head by ears, do full sit-up twisting opposite elbow to knee

Leg Jack Burpees Perform a burpee, at bottom, do a leg jack, option to add push-up

Glute Bridge to Single Leg Get in a Glute Bridge & alternate extending one leg out at a time, switch

Up/Down Prisoners Prisoner squats, go down on both knees, then stand back up staying in low squat

Struggler Jacks 4 types of Juggler Jacks; 4 twists w/hands on head bringing knees up + 4 juggler jacks + Alternate touching knees + 4 juggler jacks clapping under each knee + 4 juggler jacks touching feet