Brand New Facility, Triple the Space!!!
Newly Renovated
Fully Warehoused A/C – 20 tons!!!
State of the Art Turf Flooring Allowing for Sleds and New Fitness Activities
Rubber Flooring around the Perimeter
Added New Equipment and Even More Coming in 2016
Pro Shop and Merchandise Shop - Apparel, Supplements, etc.
New Kiosk Check-In System
New Signage and Marketing Materials
Mobile Friendly Website and Smartphone App
Additional Parking Spaces
More Certified Fitness Instructors
New Kids Fitness Camp Coming in 2016
New Semi Private Training Coming in 2016
New Athletic Training Programs Coming in 2016
New Group Training Classes with More Flexible Time Schedules Coming in 2016
New Nutrition Coaching and Fat Blasting System
Ongoing Assessments and Weekly Weigh-Ins to Measure Progress
Affordable Pricing Solutions for Everyone's Needs
Flexible Program Schedules to Fit Everyone's Budget
Referral Incentive Programs
Anti-Aging and Body Transformation Programs
Free Wi-Fi for Clients
Live Streaming Webcam Coming in 2016
Special Event and Private Party Rental Options
Corporate Events and Team Building Space Rental Options
(727) 998-1896