If you are ready to make your health goals a priority, then you have come to the right place!  Hiring a personal trainer will not only help you get better results, but will also help you reduce the risk of injury, overcome plateaus, keep you accountable to your goals, and help educate you properly with nutrition, training, and overall wellness. How much is your health worth? The typical personal training session from a reputable, certified trainer costs between $50 - $75 per session.  That means, on average, you could spend a minimum of $400 - $600/month for 8 training sessions all the way up to $600 - $900 for 12 sessions.  While there are many advantages to having a personal trainer, this investment is usually unsustainable for long-term health results.  That is why we offer our Group Fitness, Semi-Private Fitness, and Combo Fitness Training programs.  These options are more affordable while still achieving similar results to 1-on-1 training!  On average, our clients lose 5 pounds and 5 inches within their first month of training with us (actual results may vary based on frequency of training, intensity of workouts, and nutrition).

We can help people lose the weight and fat they have been struggling to get rid of as well as build more lean muscle.  Most people don’t realize that muscle is the fifth the size of fat and the more muscle you have, the more body fat you burn for energy.  Some have preconceived notions that if they do resistance training they will “bulk” up so they resort to doing cardio exercise only.  Resistance training is what will allow you to lose the inches you want because your body is tightening up.  It will also help to alleviate stress and help boost your metabolism which will lead to an increase in your energy. 

At TUF, we help both men and women with this type of training and can modify the exercises to accommodate most pre-existing conditions.  Plus, if you do have a prior injury we can coach you on appropriate modifications to reduce the likelihood of reinjuring and, most importantly, strengthen the area back to where it needs to be.  While the workouts may sound intense (and they are) your instructors are certified professionals who know how to modify and handle your abilities.  Do not let fear or intimidation keep you from these sessions.

We also teach and coach proper form, technique, and cadence (speed of the movement).  We will train multiple muscle groups with varying forms of resistance training to keep your body guessing.  The purpose of our structure is to allow maximum recovery and recuperation to help build more strength and endurance.  Our typical training sessions last approximately 45 minutes for maximum efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.  Most people do not have much time to waste on unnecessary training.  We train and help our clients get results in just 3 short, intense workouts per week. Our resistance training lasts approximately 20 minutes. 

During this time, we will break down your muscles and burn all the glucose out of them.  Immediately after, we will do 10 - 15 minutes of fat blasting, cardio condition to leave your metabolism at an all-time high for hours following your workout.  We have developed programs that can help transform your body and that you can continue thereafter for optimal health and an anti-aging lifestyle. Those who follow our nutrition principles, stay engaged in our ongoing coaching texts, emails, and messages, and consistently train with us will see the most dramatic results!  Click the program below that best fits your health goals to learn more!