with Coach Zachary Frazer

Trinity Ultimate Fitness offers its Elite Football Training program for those looking to improve their athletic performance and enhance their skills.  

Working with a coach one-on-one can benefit your training by focusing on your individual needs.  With group athletic training, you'll get the individual attention while also using teamwork and group related exercises to help you reach your goals.

Our program includes every aspect of training to become an elite player in their given sport which includes strength training, cardio conditioning, and SAQ (speed, agility, & quickness) drills, as well as mental preparation will set you apart from your competition to get you to the next level!

Just as in college and other professional organizations, we will use specific combine tests to measure the athletic ability of our athletes.  These tests include the 40 yard dash, pro agility & 3 cone drills, vertical jump, broad jump, etc.  These tests allow us to focus on the weaknesses of our athletes to help them improve their results giving them the edge they need to succeed.

Program Details & FAQ's

  • What age group is this training for?  We focus on boys ages 14-18 years old.

  • How often is the training?  Training is available Monday - Friday between 4-5 pm.  

  • Is the training outdoors, indoors, or both?  Both

  • How many people will be able to participate?  This training is limited to 10 spots only.

  • What kind of equipment will be used?  A variety of equipment including strength training equipment and speed & agility equipment that every elite athlete needs to improve.

  • What is the cost?  We offer 3x/week & 5x/week packages.  Contact us directly for pricing.

  • Is there a results guarantee?  Yes, with 3x/week training we can guarantee their will be improvement on combine results, strength, and/or body composition.

  • What if I have a past injury that I am recovering from?  If coming off an injury or still recovering, please see one of our coaches for a one-on-one session to evaluate your ability to participate.  

  • What do I need to bring to each training session?  The right attitude, workout apparel, and sneakers (cleats are optional during outside workouts).

  • What if I'm not a football player?  This training program is designed to help football players improve their performance but many aspects of this training can relate to other sports such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, etc.  Contact one of our coaches for more questions.

  • Can you help with the recruiting process to get a scholarship for college?  Yes, having direct personal experience going through this, Coach Zach can answer many questions and guide you in the right direction. 

Coach Zach is a former collegiate and professional quarterback.  He played QB for NFL Europe and Arena Football. After being highly recruited out of high school, he played at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Connecticut.  Coach Zach has been training football players for the past five years including NFL athletes, college athletes, and high school & youth athletes.  He is passionate about helping football players achieve their goals through sports performance and athletic training.

If interested or would like more information, please fill out the information below.  You can also contact us at 727-998-1896!