Tom and Bobbie Jo Makowski

                  Tom and Bobbie Jo are married and in their 40s. They have two sons. They train together and their children attend our Kids Camp. The couple currently participates in Large Group training. Tom was named the January Transformation Project Winner. Bobbie Jo responded to our questionnaire.


  • What was their health goal or reason for coming?

    To get in better shape and to have more energy to keep up with busy lifestyle and two kids. For Tom, he wanted the cardio for a healthy heart. 


    • How long have they been training with us?

    Since May/June 2014.


    •  How has it changed them/made them feel?

    Stronger, more energetic, healthier. I’ve also realized this is a time of day for me to forget everything and only focus on me, which helps to clear my head.


    •  What have been their results?

    Very good when following healthy diet and workout regimen.


    •  What motivates them to keep coming?

    Getting in shape and maintaining all the hard work we’ve put into it.


    •  What do they do for living? Or any other limited personal information.
    Tom is a school psychologist for Pinellas County Schools. I am a court reporter, very sedentary job, which is another reason I need to be active.