Peter Lucadano

                  Peter is a former high school and collegiate athlete in his mid-40s. He is a father and a business executive. He currently receives Semi-Private sessions, along with other athletic training.

  • What was their health goal or reason for coming?

My intention was to increase my fitness level and try to get back to the physical stage of being an “athlete.”  As a former athlete, time, life and a slowdown in metabolism had gotten in the way of taking care of my body.  Coming to TUF initiated a full life change for me. 

  • How long have they been training with us?

Two years.

  • How has it changed them/made them feel?

It has been an outstanding experience.  I have renewed confidence in my appearance and my health.  I have a tremendous amount of energy that I hadn’t had before, and I actually look forward to my workout regimen because it is interesting. It changes constantly and it stimulates a large variety of muscles that I could never accomplish on my own.  The kindness of the staff and the “accept everyone” culture of the gym makes attending a non-judgmental and “amongst friends” experience. 

  • What have been their results?

My personal strength has exceeded what I was capable of when I was half my age.  I look better, I feel better and my medical testing confirms that I have the blood condition of an Olympic athlete. 

  • What motivates them to keep coming?

The objective is to continue improving on the foundation that I have laid for the past two years.  The TUF team consistently initiates new challenges and dynamics into the workout, and the results are always evident if you put the work in.

  • What do they do for living? Or any other limited personal information.

I experienced a career change over the past year, and my TUF fitness program has helped me through without stress.  I am now the Senior VP of a large property management company.