Kara Trinity Ultimate Fitness

Kara is a mother of three in her 40s. She began training to reach a weight loss goal and to maintain a health, anti-aging lifestyle. She currently participates in both Large Group and Semi-Private training sessions. She is a former Transformation Project Winner.

  • What was their health goal or reason for coming?

To lose weight and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

  •  How long have they been training with us?

Approximately two years. I started January 2014, but had to leave for six months from June 2015 to December 2015 due to family changes.

  •  How has it changed them/made them feel?

Before I came to TUF, I was so frustrated – it seemed like all the exercise I did was pointless because I never seemed to get results.  My metabolism was a mess because I would starve myself at times in an effort to lose weight. As a result, I started to lose my confidence and believed I was always going to have a weight issue.  TUF has helped me achieve my goals, made me feel healthy, and gave me my confidence back.  A friend said it best when she told me I seem so much happier when I work out at TUF, compared to other gyms. 

  • What have been their results?

I lost 27 pounds and lots of inches before I took a six-month leave.  I also dropped 3 dress sizes.  After my leave, I have had to begin again (although I’m not completely starting over), but I am already down 12 pounds and 11 inches (the last time I was measured) and down almost 2 dress sizes.

  •  What motivates them to keep coming?

The results I see in the mirror has been the best motivation.  But what I love about TUF is that it is not like any typical gym I have been to.  The class sizes are small so you get personal attention and they keep you motivated – they notice if you don’t come to the gym.  Also, they are always checking your form in an exercise to prevent injury and get the best results of each exercise.  Arman is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, so he gives you lots of tips to help you achieve your goals.  Lastly, I love that I can work out 40 minutes, 4 times a week and get such great results!  It makes this program doable in my busy life as a homeschooling mom of three.

  •  What do they do for living? Or any other limited personal information

Homeschooling mom of three.