Judy Trinity Ultimate Fitness Judy Trinity Ultimate Fitness

             Judy is a cancer survivor in her 50's who works in federal law enforcement. She has been training for three years and currently receives Semi-Private sessions. Judy’s other activities include 5Ks and half marathons. She completed the Spartan Race 2015.    


  • What was your health goal or reason for coming?

A very trying period in my life resulted in my losing track of my fitness objectives, and I gained quite a bit of weight.  As a result of some significant life changes, my husband and I found ourselves in the Midwest in 2011 where I joined a boot camp and quickly lost 37 pounds.  I loved the program, so when we moved to Trinity in January 2013, I sought out a similar program and discovered what was then IMPACT.  My health goal was, and is, to maintain my weight loss and strength as I age, as well as manage the side effects of the anti-cancer medication I’d been on since 2002. 


  • How long have you been training with us?

I’ve been training with Arman since the beginning of 2013, and was one of the first to participate in the semi-private HIIT program. 


  • How has it changed you/made you feel? What motivates you to keep coming?

No one holds you accountable in a traditional gym, and few celebrate your accomplishments.  This was huge for me, and continues to be, and that’s why I keep coming back.  I didn’t realize until I started the boot camp program in the Midwest how incredibly bored I was with the traditional gym setting.  The activity, variety and results make me feel good, I manage my stress better, and I love seeing everyone else’s accomplishments. 


  • What have been your results?

In addition to maintaining my weight loss, I have seen significant improvement in my muscle tone. 


  • What do you do for a living? Or any other limited personal information.

I have 30 years of state and federal law enforcement experience.