Trinity Ultimate Fitness is happy to offer our Rebate Incentive Program with Florida Premier FC.  If any of the parents participate in our Group Fitness Training programs or athletes participate in our Youth Semi-Private Training programs, we will give back a 10% rebate for each new participant to Florida Premier FC.

     Our Group Fitness Training programs are 40-45 minutes in length emphasizing fat loss and muscle toning.  They are open to all fitness levels and provide a fun, empowering environment to all clients.  Our cardio conditioning uses functional movements, so our clients do not feel like they are hamsters running on wheels. Unlike big box gyms & other facilities, our programs provide results because we deliver the coaching, accountability, and encouragement our clients need to succeed.  We also give nutrition & supplementation coaching and have access to physician based programs for those you made need additional services with anti-aging or hormone therapy.

     The program offers training 3 times per week Monday – Thursday for $129/month which would produce a $13/month giveback. This program usually requires a 6-month commitment, but we will waive that for all Florida Premier FC parents provided we receive a 30-day cancellation notice via email to or by text to 727-205-0427.  Currently we offer three daily session times at 5:45 am 10:00 am, & 5:30 pm Monday – Thursday.  

     Our Youth Semi-Private programs are small group resistance training sessions focused on developing strength & muscle coordination. Resistance is critical for an athlete’s development to improve conditioning, endurance, & performance. Sessions are a minimum of 2-6 athletes training at one time. Depending upon participation, we can open different time slots to accommodate most school & club practice sessions.  Billing is $199/month for 2 times per week training for 8 monthly sessions. This program is on a month-to-month basis again provided we receive a 30-day cancellation notice. This would produce a $20/month giveback.

     We realize this is a lot of information, so any questions please feel free to call us at 727-877-6600!

     Thank you again!