“Want to lose 10 lbs. and/or 5 inches for FREE in only 4 weeks even if nothing worked in the past and you live a busy lifestyle!"

If you want real "fat loss" results and have struggled before, we have the solution for you!  In just 4 weeks, begin to transform your body and make real lifestyle changes that will help you drop the weight off for good, re-energize your body, and help you feel better.

If you are a business owner, executive professional, busy parent, former athlete, or someone who has tried just about every yo-yo diet in the past, we have the opportunity you've been searching for! 

  • Have you tried diets that restrict your calories?
  • Have you struggled to find the motivation and energy to exercise?
  • Did you try something in the past that promised results without giving you a clear road map to succeed?
  • Are you limited for time for your workouts?

The fact is many people have the best intentions but lack the time, knowledge, and support to help them achieve the results they desire.  There is so much misinformation out there that it is no wonder why people are struggling to get the results they want! 

At Trinity Ultimate Fitness, our goal is different from the "big box" gyms and other weight loss programs that sign people up at low prices fully expecting that 80 - 90% of people will not show up and continue to fail at their goal.  Other personal training studios have to charge what we consider unsustainable pricing in order for people to achieve the results they want.

At Trinity Ultimate Fitness, we are all Certified Personal Trainers that specialize in helping people like yourself with their fitness and health goals.  We strive to educate and motivate our clients in many areas of health in order to achieve the results they are looking for and keep those results!  We are a team of trainers with different backgrounds and experience who have encountered the similar frustrations you have had with weight & fat loss, muscle building, and healthy nutrition.  Each one of us is committed to getting the best out of our clients and bring something different to your experience here with us!  This led us to create our Transformation Project that anyone from a beginner or someone who has been training for years can try out to experience great results!  You will:

  • Melt away unwanted body fat “especially around the belly”
  • Have more energy all day long
  • Lose inches all over your body
  • Improve strength and build muscle tone
  • Get your sexy back

We GUARANTEE that if you follow the plan, put in the effort, and listen to our coaches that you will get the results you want!

We are only opening up a few spots for this program, so we want to make sure you know who this program is not for:

  • Those looking for the cheapest workout program
  • Those that "already know" how to get results
  • Those that don't want to listen to our coaches
  • Those that aren't ready to look at a brand new person in the mirror in 28 days


Saturday, September 30th - Friday, October 27th

Here's what is included in the program:

  • Personalized Group Program designed utilizing resistance training, metabolic cardio conditioning, and core strengthening for maximum fat blasting results
  • Easy-to-follow nutrition plan with our Carb Revolution Nutrition Workshop that will reveal the secrets to burning fat all day
  • Training 3 - 4 times per week with flexible daily sessions and the workouts are 40-45 minutes in duration so you can spend more time for yourself (Check out our schedule for session times & availability)
  • Full Assessment with photos and measurements are included
  • Weekly weigh-ins to measure progress and keep accountability
  • Ongoing coaching & support via text, email, and social media
  • And much, much more!

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In addition to the all this, we will be giving away prizes including a FREE trip for 2 to Las Vegas & other locations!  

Our previous Transformation Projects have yielded over 20 winners!  Here’s what some of our previous winners had to say!


How much does it cost?

This program could easily run for $399 with everything that we are giving away.  It would be well worth that investment as well, but we don't want price to be a limiting factor for you!

For only $99 for Group Metabolic Training or $199 for our Combo Training (2 Semi-Private sessions + Group), you can take part in the Fall Into Fitness Transformation Project!

But, wait!  We have more....

Not only will you be getting the coaching, the accountability, and the nutrition, but we are also throwing in bonus at-home workouts for those who would like to train everyday so that you can accelerate your results and tone up those trouble areas.  All the at-home workouts are 15 minutes or less!  

Don’t let yourself spend another miserable second frustrated with trying to lose weight.  Your solution is right here, right now, so take action today, before someone else claims YOUR spot!  We only have 10 vouchers left for those who want a chance to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas!  Starting at only $99, you an get your workouts and nutrition covered by our amazing team of world-class coaches.  You are GUARANTEED to have success in the program.  If you don't get the results you want, we will give you 100% of your money back! 

If you're still not convinced and have a few more questions, send us a text ASAP so one of our coaches can get back to you right away!

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