With your brand new transformation just started we are sure that you are excited and everything seems great, for now….

With most transformation programs we see a few common things happen for almost everyone, and we want you to be prepared for those when they come up.

The first few days are always great!  You are starting something new, likely seeing some results and starting to feel really good about yourself.  Right now this is all a novelty and you are excited.

Then comes days 3-5 on your new plan and things get a bit tougher, especially if you haven’t been eating well or working out prior to starting your transformation.  The novelty wears off, the planning becomes a bit of a pain and you likely are going through some withdrawals.

 That is okay!  It is normal to feel this way as your body transitions to something new and you start teaching your system how to use your stored fat for fuel.  We can promise you that the days 3-5 are the toughest to get through.

Something special happens after that 5th day, your body turns a corner and you have more energy, your moods stabilize and you start feeling really great about yourself.

Be prepared for the upcoming days and know that it gets better, we promise.  If you need a little support just email us and we can motivate you. :-)

The TUF Gang