Stay Focused

When Week 3 is over, you’ll be three quarters of the way toward your goal!  How exciting!

But, experience tells us that it’s tough to make significant changes in your lifestyle in just a few weeks.  The workout mistakes you may have made… the unauthorized foods you couldn’t avoid… the lapses in focus – they’re all part of the learning process during the Fall into Fitness Transformation Project.

While it’s important to note your mistakes, it’s also critical that you don’t dwell on them… focus on the positive changes you are making. 

Toward the end of this week, take a look at yourself in the mirror or try on a pair of pants that have always felt tight.  Chances are, you’ve already lost some body fat and your muscles have begun to tone.

If you’re weighing yourself or checking your body fat percentage, you may notice improved numbers as well.

Yes, it’s happening you’re beginning to create the body you’ve always wanted and more.  But don’t stop; keep it going!

Assess, adjust, and move forward!

Here are three ways to continue your success:

  1. Your Workouts As you continue working out, you need to keep achieving new goals in order to make progress.  Make sure you strive to challenge yourself in at least one area of each workout.  For example:  boost the intensity of your cardio or increase the weight by 5-10 lbs. when doing a set.

  2. Your Nutrition Treat yourself during your Carb Nite or when you have your cheat meal.  You earned it.  But don’t let it stop you from thinking about the week ahead; write down your nutrition goals and plan your meals ahead of time to keep you on your road to success!

  3. Your Mindset Actually doing what you say you’re going to do is very rewarding… and it changes the way you see yourself!  Watch your confidence grow as your body transforms.  Keep going… you’re making it happen!

We’re always here to help motivate you, keep you accountable, and give you the advice you need.  Reach out to us and keep us informed of your goals as we will always encourage you to achieve them!

 The TUF Gang